About Aresenal Holdings

A trusted partner in sustainable energy solutions. We blend innovative technologies with deep industry expertise to drive the transition towards a cleaner, more resilient energy future.

Who we are

Innovative Energy Planners

Venturing into the future, we deploy cutting-edge technologies to transform the energy landscape and address global challenges.

Sustainable Stewards

Our commitment to sustainability shapes our actions as we aim to create a more resilient world, minimizing environmental impacts and maximizing clean energy production.

Experienced Industry Leaders

Leveraging our deep industry expertise and knowledge, we provide reliable, efficient, and effective solutions to meet diverse energy needs.

Partners in Progress

At Arsenal Holdings, we believe in the power of collaboration. Working alongside communities, industries, and governments, we strive to build a brighter energy future for all.

Pioneering a Greener Future in Energy

At Arsenal Holdings, we are committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. Our strategic focus spans renewable technology, traditional energy resources, and power generation, with an unwavering commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Messer

Ryan Messer is a highly accomplished Senior Executive with a proven track record of identifying opportunities and steering organizations towards remarkable success. As a strategic problem-solver, Ryan is adept at envisioning solutions and executing them with urgency throughout every facet of an organization. With over two decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions, Ryan has consistently guided companies to significant growth, including taking private firms public. He employs the same strategic business tactics that have cemented his longstanding success while leading Arsenal Holdings.

In 1997, Ryan earned his BSBA in Marketing, and Finance. He furthered his education by studying economics, risk management, and cash flow analysis at the Colorado School of Mines in 2011. Ryan began his professional journey in the IT services and consulting sector.

Discovering his passion for the energy industry, Ryan co-founded Sterling Energy in 2002 and served as its president. He and his partners successfully developed numerous high-value niche projects over several years, ultimately divesting assets to a private oil company in 2005.

That same year, Messer co-founded PRYME Energy LTD, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, and Houston, TX. The company was listed on the ASX and the OTCQX in the US. Ryan, along with his management team, devised and executed plans for operational infrastructure, systems, processes, and staff, all in support of high-quality exploration opportunities to boost cash flows, reserves, and production scalability. The company utilized a value-driven model to exploit shallower, well-defined hydrocarbon resources in established oilfields by leveraging advanced completion and stimulation technology.

In 2016, Ryan stepped away from the public company sphere to concentrate on developing sustainable technology projects and partnering on niche projects where his expertise could contribute to and scale the growth plan.

Chief Operating Officer

Randall Eddington

Randall is a highly experienced business graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a specialization in Economics and GIS. He is widely recognized for his expertise in the natural gas and liquids infrastructure industry and his exceptional ability to execute strategies that increase efficiencies in supply chain logistics for energy commodities.

Randall and his team have been dedicated to developing niche markets for mid-sized midstream companies, which resulted in Blackrock Midstream achieving nearly nine-digit revenue in just a few short years. As the Founder of Blackrock Midstream, he played a critical role in developing lasting relationships with producers. With over a decade of experience in this space, Randall's outstanding leadership, exceptional industry knowledge, and remarkable ability to drive efficiency in logistics have earned him a stellar reputation in the industry.

Board of Advisors

Brian Halle

Brian Halle, the first appointee to Arsenal's advisory board, brings over three decades of experience in delivering substantial asset opportunities while managing risk and maintaining a high level of compliance and financial reporting. As a visionary adept at identifying market opportunities and outpacing competitors, he has served as CEO of Pacific Enterprise Bank and held roles at US Bank, Bank of America, Union Bank, and Sanwa Bank.

His ability to create high-yield, low-risk, and scalable strategies has led to remarkable accomplishments, including managing a top-tier commercial lending group at US Bank and implementing innovative processes to improve the quality of acquired portfolios. Brian's extensive experience in middle market commercial banking and corporate banking, coupled with his educational background in business, finance, and law, make him an invaluable asset to Arsenal Digital Holdings as an advisor.

Board of Advisors

Dr. Jagannadh Satyavolu

Dr. Jagannadh Satyavolu adds technical expertise to Arsenal's advisory board, with over 35 years of experience in commercial business leadership roles, operations, capital project management, and academia. He has a strong background in developing new products and processes in various sectors, such as energy, food, chemicals, and paper, and specializes in waste-to-value creation.

Dr. Satyavolu has over 15 US and international patents for concept-to-commercialization projects, and he excels in handling confidentiality agreements, IP management, patents, and regulatory issues. As an effective team builder and cross-functional partner, he has secured funding for numerous projects and spearheaded collaborations with private industry, universities, research labs, and government agencies. Currently, Dr. Satyavolu is the founder and CEO of BioProducts LLC, a company specializing in creating value-added products from sustainable biomass.  His extensive experience and expertise make him a valuable add to Arsenal’s expanding advisory board.